Advocates rally outside Albany Med on budget cuts

ALBANY, N.Y. – A handful of organizations are rallying at Albany Medical Center Friday morning, making their voices heard about budget cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and social security.

Protestors in Albany say their goal is to emphasis the effect these cuts would have on thousands of people across the Capital District. Groups present include Occupy Albany,, the Hunger Action Network, and the New York State Nurse's Association.

With signs in hand they braved the cold in an effort to raise awareness of what going over the fiscal cliff would do.

While they are not specifically talking about the fiscal cliff, if a deal in Washington is not reached cuts to all three programs would happen. President Obama and Congressional leaders are meeting Friday to strike a last minute deal to stop the automatic tax increases and spending cuts, or the fiscal cliff, they say would affect every American.

The activists Friday say seniors would take the hardest hit if an agreement isn't reached.

Carol Moorby, of Ballston Lake, says she is not a member of any specific group, says it's important to be present regardless because like many seniors is now concerned about possible cuts to Medicare and social security.

Moorby is one of many anxiously watching developments in Washington with fingers crossed that lawmakers can move past the partisan divide and finally reach an agreement.

Carol Ann Lemon has been a nurse at Ellis hospital for nearly 15 years and also serves as the central regional director of the states nurses' association. She's particularly concerned about what these possible cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and social security would mean for her patients.

“It's really important as a citizen that
people are educated about this issue and really can see what it means to everyone,”
said Lemon.

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