Capital Region spends the day digging out

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. – Most of the Capital region is feeling the cold after spending most of the day digging out.

Niskayuna has gotten about 8 inches so far, and the snow is still falling.

This afternoon NEWS10 caught up to a number of people as they were plugging away, with shovels or snow plows – some still in their pajamas. People comparing the snow to an uphill battle because it kept coming down and they had to keep coming out to take care of it.

And while some said they didn't mind the tasks, others weren't so happy about it.

All day long people have been digging out of this snow storm. But one of the
most refreshing things – okay, more like cutest things to see – was watching
the kids try and help their parents out with all the snow.

Four-year-old Lucas Kouray was focused Thursday. He had to help his mom clear
all the snow from the driveway and the car.

He didn't even stop to play in it, at least not while NEWS10 was there.

Right up the road another little guy is helping his dad, Riley Lephart knows
the faster the driveway gets done the faster he'll get to play.

Mike Lephart says he hoped to be using his snow blower, but instead, got
stuck with the shovel.

Clearing up the driveway ended up being more of an all-day task with some
fun mixed in – in the end though, the parents ended up doing most of the

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