National Guard Troops return home for the holidays

Latham, N.Y. – Eight soldiers of the 27th Infantry Brigade returned home to the Latham National Guard Base Saturday night. It was an emotional homecoming as they ran into their loved ones arms.

“I missed him a lot,” said Brandi Rusnock as she wiped her tears.

Rusnock was overwhelmed with emotions as she welcomed her older brother, Specialist Troy Chadwell home from a deployment in Kuwait.

“And I'm really happy he's home,” said Rusnock.

Chadwell's mother felt the same after missing her son for a long nine months.

“And now that he's here and we can see him and touch him. It's real, it's great to have him back,” said Chadwell's mother, Lisa Racano.

As his family embraced him it was still not all the way real for Chadwell.

“Oh man, it's kind of surreal,” said Chadwell.

Although he's back his younger sister still recalls all that he missed.

“He missed my first gymnastics competition and I was pretty upset but I'm happy he's home,” said Rusnock.

Chadwell was not the only soldier to return Saturday. Around 120 more troops returned home from the 27th Infantry Brigade.

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