Working parents scramble for daycare options after work program subsidies end

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – Some working parents in Schenectady County are left scrambling for day care options after receiving word that state funding for a long running back to work program has dried up.

The mothers and daycare provider NEWS10 spoke with Friday, say they received letters last Saturday informing them that day care subsidies they've relied upon are gone – and they have until the first of the year to find a way to make up the difference.

Lameika Potter and Aishah Goodwin-Parker, both working single moms, say they received notice last week that the Workforce Development Institute, a back to work program, had lost all its state funding to help families cover day care expenses.

Potter assists adults with developmental disabilities, and Goodwin-Parker works at a nursing home, and both say they made frantic calls to Schenectady County hoping for help, but they were told they were not eligible because they make just above the counties cap for day care assistance.

Both women already pay a co-pay for daycare, but can't afford the full amount. They are considered part of the so-called “working poor,” and they say they do not want to go on welfare. But being the main bread winners – it makes that a serious option without daycare.

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