Rensselaer County hit hard by Friday’s storm

RENSSELAER COUNTY, N.Y. – Rensselaer County was hit very hard by Friday's storm.

In East Greenbush, trees and wires across the town were downed, forcing roads to close.

In Troy, Oakwood Avenue was shut for a couple of hours, after a tree fell across the road – it has since been re-opened.

Now, in the town of Sand Lake at Miller Hill Road or Route 66 is still closed between Route 43 and Old Route 66, due to fallen wires and trees.

High winds in Troy caused a very dangerous situation on Oakwood Avenue. It all began when a large tree came down.

“My wife told me that there was a car out front with a tree on it,” said Mike Nystoriak of Troy.

But what Mike Nystoriak didn't know until he approached the vehicle that there was someone still inside it when the giant spruce came crashing down.

“And then I looked at her and I asked her if she wanted to get out and she said yes so I helped her get out of the car,” said Nystoriak.

According to Troy police the 58-year-old woman of Latham luckily did not suffer any injuries as mother natures wrath struck here car while she drove down Oakwood Avenue.

“Smashed the top of her roof and the windshield,” said Nystoriak.

Troy police closed off the road as the city and national grid crews began to clean up.

The giant spruce was a staple in the neighborhood torn down by a nasty storm

“I mean the trees been here 100 years but it ripped it right out of the ground, cause of the wet ground I assume,” said Nystoriak.

But the work wasn't over yet just a little ways down the road more trees down and more wires.

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