Local students take to twitter to get school resource officers back in NY schools

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. – Three years ago, due to dwindling state budgets, school resource officers were removed from New York State public schools.

After the shooting in Newtown, students are stepping up to send a message that they want them back.

Immediately after the shootings in Newtown, some students at Burnt Hills Ballston Lake High School went to their teacher and said they wanted to do something about making their district safer.

Their idea? Head to social media.

“I knew watching the news coverage Friday that Monday's lesson plan was getting thrown out,” said Brian Kane, a Burnt Hills Ballston Lake social studies teacher.

Burnt hills Ballston Lake teacher Brian Kane knew immediately that his students needed to talk about the tragedy that was unfolding in front of them in Connecticut.

That discussion led to tweets – asking Governor Cuomo to reinstate school resource officers in state public

“It has happened too many times,” said Senior Erica Ziskin. “One more tragedy is one too many times. It can't happen anymore.”

These students know the power of social media – with one click – thousands can read your message.

For the students in Burnt Hills – it is now more than ever that they need that support and feeling of safety that comes with having an SRO walking these halls.

“Even with just a police car out front maybe they will not come in just knowing someone could be here ready to stop them,” said Ziskin.

“What happened on Friday was a learning experience and this is prevention before something like this can happen again ,” said fellow Senior Lauren Karr. “If having a trooper can stop one more tragedy then it is worth it.”

The district isn't going completely without police protection, though. Troopers have offered to come when asked or in an emergency. The principal says that's appreciated but those SRO's know every inch of the building and in an emergency it is every second that counts.

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