Holiday travel season off to a stormy start

COLONIE, N.Y – The busy holiday travel season is off to a stormy start across the country, with rain and wind causing some delays at Albany International Airport, but not really any major problems for people trying to get in and out locally.

AAA says it expects more than 93-million people to go more than 50 miles from home. The bulk of them will be driving, but lots of people will be boarding a plane for their travel – even with some weather obstacles to deal with.

“Starting yesterday, we're putting over 4000 people through. We'll probably do the same today,” said airport spokesman Doug Myers.

“We were afraid, because we were checking flights in Chicago, and last night it didn't look good, but this morning, early, it looked fantastic,” said traveler Gloria Bolesh.

Luckily for Bolesh, her son Peter, flying home from San Francisco, was not one of those affected by delays or cancellations – although his luck was not 100-percent.

“No weather issues. My flight left on time from San Francisco, arrived on time in Chicago, and my connection was fine, except for as I was just telling my parents, somewhere between the gate in Chicago where I gate-checked my bag and the gate in Albany, they lost my bag,” said Peter Bolesh.

Also getting through the storm – Sailor Lizzie Morelli, home after an overseas deployment for the first time in 10 months to see her family in Delmar.

“It's really awesome. It's a blessing that I was able to get home. I was supposed to be home earlier in November but we had to be extended so it's even better now that I get to be home for the holidays with my family,” said Morelli.

A family she intended to surprise, but who, thanks to a change in plans by her mom and dad, surprised her instead.

“Beyond…it's all I want for Christmas. Not only her, but I'm just thankful for everyone who serves. It really brings it home when it's your own,” said Morelli's mother.

Officials expect it will be busy at the airport through Christmas Eve, then slow down a bit, and pick right back up after the Christmas holiday.

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