Vigil held in Broadalbin in honor of Sandy Hook principal, victims

candlelight vigil was held in the Village of Broadalbin Thursday night in
memory of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School with special homage paid
to Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung, whose mother is from Broadalbin.

A prayer chain will began at
the Presbyterian Church on West Main Street in Broadalbin and line up in the
direction of the Village downtown, toward St. Joseph's Church, starting at 7

Dozens gathered to remember Dawn Hochsprung, the Sandy
Hook Elementary school principal who died trying to stop that gunman. Hundreds
more lined Main Street in front of all four of the village's churches, in what
organizers dubbed a “people chain.”

Hochsprung's family walked pass, thanking those who came out
– her mother and much of her family live in Broadalbin.

A bell tolled, once for each of the victims killed.

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