Shooting leads to local school safety concerns

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. – Everyone who sends a child to school each day had that same awful pit in their stomach Thursday – empathizing with those parents who lost what's most precious to them in the Connecticut school shooting.

No doubt, some wondering – could that be me? Could I lose my child in such a horrific act?

Area schools tell us they do not take safety for granted.

They're vigilant about who they let on school grounds, and they keep an eye out for problems within the school that could lead to violence.

Schenectady superintendent Larry Spring says, “Parents send their kids to school and they expect us to keep them safe, and really even more than the education, that is what we are committed to.”

The problem is these kinds of tragedies get 24-hour news coverage, leading some people to believe they happen more often than they do.

A 2004 joint U.S. Department of Education/Secret Service report says few children are likely to be shot at school: in fact, the odds that a child would die in school-by homicide or suicide-are no greater than 1 in 1 million.

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