Sandy Hook elementary principal also a doctoral candidate at The Sage Colleges

TROY, N.Y. – The principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School, Dawn Hochsprung is one of the victims in the shooting.

Besides being hailed as a beloved leader in her school, Hochsprung also had ties to the Capital Region, she was working on her doctorate at The Sage Colleges.

Lori Quigley, the Dean of the Esteves School of Education tells News 10 Hochsprung had just entered the 27-month doctorate in education program this summer, a program she says is highly competitive.

“I was struck by her smile, number one,” says Quigley. “I think her peers would agree she has an infectious smile.”

Hochsprung is described as an exceptional leader.

“She had the philosophy that her role as a building principal was to make leaders out of all the children who walked in her building everyday,” says Quigley. “That just struck me.”

Quigley says Hochsprung had intentions of eventually becoming a superintendent, her dream cut short by this tragedy.

“I was just devastated by the news just as everyone else was,” she says.

Quigley says her heart breaks not only for the loss of so many families, but also the loss of an exemplary leader, a leader who she says focused her entire life on children.

“The best thing we can do is to reflect on the small time we had with her and how much she enriched our lives,” says Quigley.

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