Newtown community comes together in light of tragedy

NEWTOWN, Conn. – “It's safe to say that this town will never be the same.”

Mourners came out en mass in Newtown, Conn., wiping each other's tears and hugging tight. They laid flowers, candles, and teddy bears for the innocent lives taken- but still feelings of anger persist.

Some dealt with the tragedy in silence, others reached out to the community for help.

Former Newtown High school students became ‘Santa's for Sandy Hook,' asking for donations for the victims' families.

“It's been a way of coping for us. Just to feel that we're helping these people. We just couldn't sit around and do nothing,” said J.R. Shine of Newtown.

Parents in the Newtown school district and beyond say answering questions from their children about what happened has been the most difficult.

“He was asking why. Why people have to be so evil. Why would they want to kill babies.”

So what do you say?” said Damion Henry of Bridgeport.

But for some, the healing has to start with forgiveness.

“We're all doing our best to just forgive this person for what he has done to bring a little light into this dark situation,” said Newtown resident Chris Caulfield.

Forgiveness for a senseless act that has left their community devastated but still holding onto their home.

“This is still Newtown. This is still a place where people do care about each other,” said Caulfield.

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