Mother speaks out after husband charged with shooting son

LEE, MA. – There's just a few family cars in the driveway of the Nguyen's red country home Friday; a drastic contrast to what was going on just 24 hours ago.

Massachusetts State Police responded to a 911 call of shots fired at around 5:46 p.m to 175 Beartown Mountain Road Thursday after they say the father of the household, Phap Nguyen, shot his stepson Jeremy Lee Deane three times and then shot and then killed the family dog.

Patricia Nguyen, the victim's mother and the suspect's wife ran to intervene when she heard the shots, then the dog was shot, according to court documents.

Phap Nguyen is charged with Assault to Kill and Animal Cruelty. He was arraigned in Central Berkshire District Court at 2:00 p.m. Friday. Before her husband's arraignment Patricia spoke to NEWS10. .

“The only thing I want to say is that it was a tragedy and my son's alive. He's in the hosptial. He's going to be okay and that's all that's important,” Patricia said.

Phap Nguyen plead “not guilty” to the charges and the judged ruled that he be commited for 20 days. This, after hearing from court-ordered Psychologist Dr. Roger Goldin. During the arraignment Dr. Goldin recommended a mental health evaluation. Goldin said during questioning Nguyen lost focus crying out “Why?” and “What did I do?”

Nguyen's Attorney Jill Sheldon spoke to NEWS10 afterwards.

“He's going off to Bridgewater State Hospital and we'll now more within the next 20 days,” Sheldon said.

Patricia tells us her son should make a full recovery, but she says this isn't easy on her family.

“It's going to continue to be emotional,” Patricia said.

Nguyen is scheduled to be back in court on January 3rd, 2013.

Below is an excerpt from Patricia Nguyen's interview with police.

“I think I was at the bottom of the stairs when I heard the two gunshots and heard Jeremy yell 'Ow, dad stop, don't shoot me again.' I think I heard another shot as I was coming into the dining room…I saw Jeremy on the floor…Phap was standing in front of the open refrigerator door…he had the gun in his right hand. It was a grey pistol. It wasn't a revolver. I went around Jeremy on the floor and got in front of Phap. I kept telling Phap, 'stop, stop.' I'm not sure of half of what I was saying. He stepped around me and pointed the gun at Jeremy's head. He was standing right over his head. Phap said, “You think you're bad?” Jeremy didn't say anything I stepped forward again and grabbed both arms and pushed them down and got him to back up into the kitchen. Tha's when the dog barked and he shot the dog. Phap didn't like the dog being at the house it was Jeremy's dog. Then he started getting upset and saying, 'Oh my god. Look at what you made me do. I shot my son. He's hurt, go to him. That's when Jeremy lifted up his head and said. 'It's OK Dad, I still love you.'”

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