Republicans, Democrats come together for Sandy legislation

WASHINGTON – A coalition of Republican and Democratic congressmen have come together in Washington to announce tax relief legislation for those struggling to rebuild in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

The legislation is similar to a bill passed after Hurricane Katrina – designed to provide much-needed tax relief for the people living in the areas designated as federal emergencies.

Rep. Michael Grimm said, “Our job is to put the people we represent first and to put this country first. We might not always agree on everything but we try to find common ground everywhere we can and I'm very proud that, so far, the superstorm Sandy efforts have really been about trying to find solutions, trying to find the answers to problems and not get mired down in politics.”

The lawmakers behind this bill say they are going to work hard to get the bill passed as quickly as possible.

The new funding comes on the heels of the wildly successful 12-12-12 concert Wednesday at Madison Square Garden.

Musicians were so anxious to help, they almost didn't stop rocking and rolling for almost six hours last night.

The music reached an estimated 2 billion viewers, with the proceeds going to the Robin Hood Foundation, which will help victims of the storm.

The group says it's already raised $30 million from ticket sales and sponsors.


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