Local charity helps non-profits get toys to children

ALBANY, N.Y. – Jezreel International hosted a toy giveaway after hearing about a toy shortage in the Capital Region.

Thursday afternoon volunteers were hard at work finding toys inside the Jezreel International warehouse. One volunteer, Rayn Boncie, said “It is really emotional, we have a lot of kids that are homeless right now. They have fleed domestic violence situations. They struggle to stay warm, but now they'll have toys.”

Rayn's crisis intervention group, which helps children going through abuse and neglect, found themselves in a crisis of their own when they learned Toys for Tots wouldn't come through this year.
“I received a call saying they didn't receive our application even though we had received a confirmation,” she explained.
This week Jezreel International stepped in to fill the gap by providing two tractor trailers with $400,000 worth of toys, turning their warehouse into Santa's workshop.
Volunteers from different churches and local non-profits filled up their boxes as they aim to put a smile on every child's face on Christmas morning. “We will not have to explain to these children that they are on the naughty list,” Rayn said.
Rayn's group, Things of My Very Own, will provide about 700 children with toys on Christmas. 

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