Bellevue Woman’s Center unveils new addition

NISKUYUNA, NY — Several years ago, a state commission recommended Niskayuna's Bellevue hospital to be shut down. The facility, which focuses solely on women's health was able to persevere. Today, they cut the ribbon on a brand new addition. It was nearly six years ago that mother of two, Marion Horan was uncertain if Bellevue Woman's Center would still be around for her to deliver her babies. “I was worried because I knew I wanted to have my babies here,” said Horan.

Both of her son's are Bellevue babies and she didn't want the tradition to end. “It's an older facility, it was a mansion turned into a hospital.”

The hospital was on the verge of shutting down after a recommendation from the Berger Commission, a statewide task force to reorganize hospitals. “More and more labor delivery units are shutting down in the area,” said Dr. Nicholas Kulbida, the Chief Medical Officer of Women's Services.

Shutting down would mean a huge loss of services for moms like Horan. So, Ellis hospital merged with Bellevue and by consolidating services and garnering support from the community to keep the hospital open. Today the hospital unveiled their new addition which includes 28 private rooms and a centralized nursing station.

Horan got her first look, at the new addition to Bellevue. The biggest perk for her are more private rooms for new moms. The center will also have a new heart and health center for cardiac screenings. Horan hopes to have baby number three at Bellevue. Patients will start moving into the new building starting Monday.

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