Two local Lotto winners having big pay day

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – The Capital Region's newest millionaires will be presented with their prize checks worth at least $3 million on Thursday.

Troy resident, Kenneth Stroud, won $2 million on a Monopoly Millionaire scratch-off ticket he purchased from Hannaford Supermarket on Route 43 in West Sand Lake on November 24th.

Stroud credits his never-say-never attitude with helping him win the $2 million top prize.

“I purchased one of the same tickets earlier and didn't win,” said Stroud. “But, I decided to give it another shot.” Stroud said he was at home when he scratched his $2,000,000 winning ticket. “My stomach just dropped when I saw the word 'Jackpot' under my matching number.”

Stroud's plans for the money include setting money aside for his children and his retirement.

Stroud said he carried the ticket around with him for a few days, as he talked to his attorney and sought advice from a financial advisor. “My wife finally convinced me to put the ticket in a safety deposit box until I was ready to claim it,” said Stroud. He will receive his $2 million prize in one lump sum payment, netting him $1,323,600 after required withholdings.

Meanwhile, Magan MacDavid of Queensbury, is also making out big on Thursday. She claimed a top prize on the Win $1,000 a Week for Life scratch-off game.

MacDavid purchased her ticket November 20th at the Cumberland Farms on Quaker Road in Queensbury.

MacDavid said she scratched her ticket at work but needed some help interpreting the results. “I got confused when I saw the word 'Life' printed on the ticket three times,” she said. “I had to ask my boss what it meant. He explained it was a jackpot winner and let me take a few hours off to go claim my prize.”

MacDavid said her plans for her winnings include paying off her student loans and investing for the future.

As a top prize winner on the Win $1,000 A Week For Life scratch-off, MacDavid is guaranteed to receive a minimum payment of $1 million over 20 years. Once the $1 million prize has been realized, she will continue to receive an annual check for $52,000 (net $34,414) a year for life.


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