Troy City Council votes to add new police commissioner position

TROY, N.Y. – Troy Police Chief John Tedesco says he feels like the City Council is trying to overthrow him after they voted yes to adding a new police commissioner position to his department.

The decision was made Thursday during a special City Council meeting and passed in a 7-2 vote.

Police Chief Tedesco, Mayor Rosmilia and several councilmembers are divided over the decision; some say adding a police commissioner is a political move to benefit the democratic majority, while members of that majority say it's about safety.

“It's political nonsense, there's some beef between some council people and the chief,” said councilperson Mark McGrath.

Councilperson Nina Nicols said, “Clearly public safety concerns are not a Democrat or Republican thing, it's a quality of life issue for the people of Troy.”

McGrath, a Republican, believes adding the position fuels the democratic majority's agenda to control the police department, while Nicols the chair of the Public Safety Committee says it's about safety.

“It's a joke, first off, I don't know
anybody, of what I was told exceptional, extraordinary skills that they're
going to look for, and that's going to come in here under the term of being a
Public Safety Commissioner of the Bureaus of Police and Fire. You're going to
get someone for $30,000 that's going to come in and manage two budgets that are
worth more than $30 Million? I don't think you're going to get anyone with an
exceptional skill talent, except the correct political resume,” said Tedesco.

Mayor Lou Rosmilia says the position is solely about safety.

“I've heard the term “overthrow,” I've heard
this is about politics – it's not about politics it's about fighting crime and
making Troy a safer place. The Chief and I have had discussions about the
commissioner position throughout the year, this is not the first time we've
talked about this,” said Rosmilia.

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