Watervliet City Council decides to rezone St. Patrick’s Church property

WATERVLIET, N.Y. – A unanimous decision was made in Watervliet Tuesday night to rezone property that will pave the way for the tearing down of the historic St. Patrick's Church.

The Watervliet City Council's decision was expected, but supporters of St. Patrick's vow to challenge the rezoning in court.

Development group Nigro Companies wants to clear the 19th Street site between Fifth and Sixth Avenues for a 40,000 square-foot Price Chopper supermarket and two smaller commercial buildings.

While St. Patrick's has been empty and deteriorating, supporters say it should be restored, not torn down. “It's just terrible that the people of Watervliet don't care enough about saving this beautiful building in the city. And it will never happen again. There will never be a building like this,” one opponent said.

Price Chopper sent out a press release after the decision saying “we understand and sympathize with the sensitivities raised by this proposal, but we are pleased that the Watervliet City Council has taken this step today.”

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