Stockport passes budget with huge water rate increases

STOCKPORT, NY — More trouble for a small town already facing an incredible budget shortfall with a quarter of a million dollars missing.

Angry Stockport  citizens walked out of the town meeting as the town board passed the 2013 budget in less than five minutes.
“This is not how local government should function,” yelled on concerned homeowner as he walked out.
The budget calls for a 309% increase on the water rate setting it at $7.50 per thousand gallons. It's water they say comes out brown and cloudy. “I've  been drinking the town water ever since they put it in,” said town board member Norma Kirker.
Murell said,”They are entitled to their own opinions. They have had four to five meeting to voice their concerns.”
Murell says the increase had to take place in order keep Mike McCagg's job. The community has rallied around McCagg in support of him. However, now that he back on the payroll residents will get hit with a higher water rate in order to keep his position on the budget.
The head of the water department is also retiring and Murell says they need to set aside money for his replacement.  Murell says they have yet to pinpoint where $250,000 disappeared to, but the audit that is underway will be completed at the end of November.

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