Saratoga County votes to privatize county-run nursing home

BALLSTON SPA, N.Y. – The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to privatize the county's sole nursing home Maplewood Manor.

The board's vote means Local Development Corporation (LDC) will manage the sale of the nursing home to a private sector operator. The LDC will be required to work as a “public body” during this time, subject to open meetings.

“We went the extra mile to ensure that the LDC is transparent and accountable to the people of Saratoga County,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Tom Wood.

The LDC named a seven-member Board of Directors Tuesday, including five current elected supervisors, who will remain unpaid for their services to help guide the privatization of Maplewood Manor.

“These Directors will oversee a thorough, transparent process that is sensitive to the concerns of Maplewood's current and future residents and their families, Maplewood employees and the public at large,” Wood said.

This decision comes after months of deliberation and official examination of Maplewood's operations finding there is a “clear need for a facility like Maplewood in Saratoga County,” but that “under its current model Maplewood is fiscally unstable.”

In October, the Public Health Committee recommended selling the facility to a responsible private sector operator rather than enact the massive tax increases or widespread layoffs that would otherwise be necessary to manage Maplewood's growing structural deficit.

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