Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: November 17

1. Coach Drops Gum on Court, Eats it Anyway [VIDEO]: Meet Tom Crean, the Indiana University hoops coach who drops his gum on the sweaty court but picks it back up and goes right on chewing.


2. Ecuador officials reject donkey as candidate: The demand of dozens of citizens has been denied in the Ecuadorean city of Guayaquil: There will be no jackass running for the legislature.


3. Carrie Fisher shares her surprising ideas for Star Wars: Episode VII: Carrie Fisher appeared on The Talk Wednesday, much to the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere who wanted the actress' suggestions on where Episode VII should pick up.


4. Lucille Bliss, voice of Smurfette, dies at 96: Actress Lucille Bliss, who voiced The Smurf's Smurfette, has passed away at the age of 96.


5. 5 most overpriced car repairs: Consumers love their cars, but repairing a vehicle is something consumers would like to avoid.


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