NEWS10 Special Report: Secret Service talks credit card fraud

ALBANY, NY. – The Secret Service doesn't normally grant TV interviews; however, because there are so many fake credit cards being produced Special Agent Bill Leege agreed to speak to NEWS10's Christine O'Donnell about the issue.

“It's something I'm not comfortable doing, sitting here in front of the camera, but it's something that should be done,” Agent Leege said.

Statistics show that already more than one-quarter of Americans have been potential victims of a data breach,  such as credit card fraud,  according to a survey released last month by McAfee and National Cyber Security Alliance.

Agent Leege works with a non-for profit organization called MS-ISAC (Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center) to stop criminals from hacking into computer systems and stealing credit and debit card information.

Tonight on NEWS10 we go into a secure room where members of  MS-ISAC's Computer Emergency Response Team work to catch hackers.


Director of MS-ISAC (Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center) Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Adnan Baykal takes us inside his computer lab as his team works to deter hackers from stealing information from local governments and businesses.


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