Local company, Albany County fill two trucks from Sandy donations

ALBANY, N.Y. – In just one week, Albany County employees and residents collected enough boxes and bags of items needed by victims of Hurricane Sandy that they exceeded expectations and filled two trucks.

A local company, Security Plumbing & Heating Supply, with its headquarters in Selkirk, had originally asked partners in the area to help them fill one truck to take downstate and provide relief to those who needed it most.

“I knew that the outpouring of support from Albany County would be tremendous, ” said County Executive Daniel McCoy, “but the overwhelming number of boxes of donated goods collected at 112 State Street, our DSS building and Albany County Health Department amazes me.”

“I'm really proud of our associates, customers, vendors and the public who all came together and filled two tractor trailers of supplies when we had planned for just one box truck,” said Keith Bennett, CEO/President of Security Plumbing & Heating Supply. “The outpouring of support and donations from our community is amazing. We even sent a check for $8,100 from all the cash that was donated to us.”

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