Amsterdam Police investigating golf cart battery thefts

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. – Amsterdam Police are investigating the theft of more than 20 golf cart batteries from a Amsterdam Municipal Golf Course shed. Police believe it happened sometime on Sunday night.

Members began checking on their carts Thursday to see if they were victims – and many found an empty space where their golf cart batteries should have been.

“He puts the key in his cart, says I got nothing, what's going on, takes a look and his battery is gone,” said Golf Course Superintendent Jim Derrick.

“Took the strap off the battery. One of the cables was off and it looked like they couldn't get the other one so they left it,” said club member Richard Trembley of Amsterdam.

Management and authorities say the heist took skill and specific tools to remove such heavy batteries.

“They had to know where it was number one. They had to undo the hold down, unhook the batteries and pull them out,” said Derrick.

Derrick believes it could have been an inside job, and Police say that is a possibility.

“There's no visible damage to the door so apparently they had a key,” said Derrick.

According to Fatch Sales in Menands, a golf cart battery sold to be recycled is only worth about $10 each. That small number has left everyone baffled as to why anyone would take them.

“Eight dollars you can get for a battery that's an awful lot of work for an awful little bit of money. It really doesn't make any sense at all,” said Derrick.

Amsterdam Police say they have no leads at this time, but if someone is caught they face felony burglary charges.

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