Man pleaded guilty to felony sale of cocaine

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. – Earlier this week an alleged cocaine supplier plead guilty to felony sale of the drug.

The investigation launched by the Saratoga Springs Police Department netted 11 others who were involved.

The recent guilty plea from 44-year-old Robert Allen if Mechanicville, who according to investigators was a major cocaine supplier in Saratoga County brings to light the other people in the community he was working with.

Among the dozen that were arrested back in 2011 for  conspiracy to commit a cocaine sale is David Forbes of  Ballston Spa.

“He is the highway superintendent,” said Elizabeth  Sikoryak.

She has lived in Ballston Spa where Forbes lives for more than a decade.

At last check, on the town of Milton's website, Forbes was still listed as highway superintendent.

Allen's LinkedIn account shows he used to work for a mortgage service company as a broker.  Many who were knabbed as a part of the ring were arrested for exchanging small amounted of cocaine according to the Saratiga County DA. It's a reminder anyone who is involved  might be under the eye of investigators.

Allen is due back in court on December 20th for sentencing. He is expected to receive 6 years in prison.

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