Pleasantdale Volunteer Fire Department returns from mission to Long Island

TROY, N.Y. – Members of the Pleasantdale Volunteer Fire Department out of Troy are getting a well-deserved night of sleep Thursday after a mission to Long Island to help out in the aftermath of Sandy.

NEWS10 was there when they returned this afternoon from a three day experience they will carry with them the rest of their lives.

You've seen the devastating images, but those who've been there will never forget it, saying the real picture is much worse.

“As we're driving into this abandoned beach with signs down and helicopters flying in the air, it became very real, then and there,” said Lt. Nick Large.

The crew immediately began clearing wires, fighting fires, and responding to carbon monoxide alerts.

Then Wednesday's nor'easter made matters even worse – leaving thousands without power in the cold.

“From everything I saw down there, it's a life changer. It really makes you wonder,” said Firefighter Sean Morrissey.

They carried food with them, dropping it off whenever they could, providing comfort to those who also won't forget – not just the misery of Sandy, but the kindness of those who also made sacrifices to be there for them.

“They're in ruins, but happy and in good spirits that people have come so far to help them,” said Lt. Nick large.

And Nick says even though they hardly got any sleep while down there – they'd go back tomorrow if they got the call.

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