Gov. Cuomo frustrated with utility progress after Sandy

ALBANY, N.Y. – It's not often you see a governor vent his frustration so clearly, but Gov. Cuomo did not mince words Thursday when he talked about the failure of the Long Island Power Authority to get the power turned back on.

In his daily news briefing about superstorm Sandy and the recovery, Cuomo said 90 percent of New Yorkers have had their power restored.

He said the reason progress is slow is because many homes and businesses still cannot safely get electricity because of severe damage from sandy.

But there is another reason, too, one that has the governor fuming mad.

“They ran out of poles, believe it or not. They ran out of poles. You know poles are something a utility would want to have – right. You look at what a utility does. It basically comes down to wire and poles and crews and trucks. These are things you would want to have, how can you run out of poles?”

Cuomo also said LIPA has failed the consumers, their performance has been unacceptable and they will be held accountable.

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