Stockport residents may get answers in disappearance of $250,000 from towns budget

STOCKPORT, N.Y. – Stock port residents face a huge water rate hike if next year's budget is approved. The town is already $250,000 in the hole because of money that went missing, now residents are saying the burden is getting passed down to them.


Angry Stockport homeowners outraged over the water rate increase voiced their opposition on to the town supervisor about adopting the budget that includes tax hikes as well as cutting 
Mike McCagg position from the water department. He's worked for the town for the past 14 years. “Basically as of last night my job was cut,” he told News10.
McCagg says his salary at the water department would account for a little less than $50,000  in the budget.

Matt Murrell, the town supervisor explained, “We have a hole in this year's budget as well asno fund balance for next year.”

The town is also in the process of an audit to find the $250,000  that went missing from the books. “It's disgusting, that is why I called. Someone needs to know what going on,” said Chris Delaney a homeowner in Stockport.

During the budget hearing the community stepped up for McCagg to help keep his position while pointing out other inefficiencies in the town government. However Murrell says residents have not provided anything on the record. Tax payers in the town  will have to pay up to make up for the lack of money.”You are asking us to pay based on what you don't know,” said one resident at the meeting.
If the proposed budget is passed residents in the town willsee around a 6% increase on their water rate. “I'm paying a lot of money for this garbage and I'm tired of it,” added another resident at the budget hearing.
Outraged homeowners showed the town board brown mucky water they say came out of their tap.  Mike says he's qualified to stay on board and help fix the problem, but that would mean more taxes on all the homeowners in order to keep his job.
The town supervisor says they must pass a budget by November 20th. However, he plans to go to the state to see if the board can push back the date to iron out issues in the budget.


In October, a private firm revealed in an audit that the county's smallest town of 2,800 people was missing the money from its budget.

The current Stockport Town Supervisor, Matt Murell, ordered an audit of the town's finances after taking office in January because an audit had not been conducted in years.

Murell could barely get through the towns tentative budget meeting for 2013, held in late October, without residents interrupting – fired up and looking for answers about how the town spent a quarter million dollars it didn't have – leaving taxpayers to foot the bill.

But although residents are outraged, Stockport can't wait; the board has to pass its 2013 budget by November 20th to stay afloat.

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