Shaker looking for first-ever Class AA Super Bowl Championship

The no touchdown call in the finals seconds of the Schenectady verses Shaker Section II Class AA semi-final game is what everyone has been talking about all week.

With seconds left, and his team trailing by 7, Schenectady Quarterback Kwami Jarvis rushes for the pylon from about 5 yards out, dove, and appeared to score a touchdown by knocking over the pylon with the ball.

Schenectady should have had a chance to kick the extra point to send the game to overtime but the referee not only ruled that Jarvis did not score, he ruled that Jarvis failed to get a first down turning the ball over on downs and ending the game.

The headlines should read: “Shaker Advances to First Super Bowl Appearance Ever.”  Instead, it's a cry for justice over a call many say was butchered.

Shaker running back Kenny Jackson said, “We won the game and its over with. A lot of people are talking about it. It's controversial but in our minds we're not going to let that take away from our win.”

Correct call or not, undefeated Shaker will play Shenendehowa in the Class AA Super Bowl, a team they dominated at home 35-8 in week 5.

“As far as any wrinkles they might throw at us, we don't know about that, but its week 10 and I know their strengths, they know our strengths and it's going to be the best team and the best executioner that wins,” said Shaker Coach Greg Sheeler.

Other than their slip up against Shaker, the Plainsmen have had no problem executing all season. They have a number of weapons that can score and the Blue Bison feel they will have to limit Shen's possession in order to win.

“Tempo is going to be important,” said Shaker Quarterback Chris Landers.  “My most important job is, I can't turn the ball over, can't make dumb error in the pass game, and I need to keep the tempo going on offense.”

“We plan to run hard,” said Jackson.  “We know they swarm the ball, so we got to keep the ball protected and run the ball hard and play hard nosed football.”

Shaker will have the chance to compete in their first ever Super Bowl Championship on Friday, November 2nd and 7pm.  The big difference between this matchup and the last is Shen will be the home team.

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