Tracking Sandy: Chat with Meteorologists Recap

On Friday, Steve and Andy chatted with NEWS10 viewers and answered their questions about Sandy.

Below is a full recap:

Q: What does PERFECT STORM mean?

A: The Perfect Storm was given to the storm in late Oct. 1991 because all the ingredients came together perfectly and caused a tropical system to explode as an extra tropical system over the ocean. It retrograded west and caused significant damage to the East coast and of course a movie was made about it.



Q: Hello ! I'll be in Rochester/ Western NY for next week and am wondering what to expect west of Syracuse. Will it be worse in terms of rain and wind? The track looks like it's heading in that directions. Thanks a lot guys

A: Bands of showery rains and gusty east winds early in the week then around midweek NW-W winds and colder air a few snow showers perhaps too.



Q: I know you guys will not know in terms how much rain and wind people will get until the Hurricane makes its turn. However, what do YOU think/feel that Upstate New York (Glens Falls and surrounding areas) will get?

A:  Flood threat will be less north of Saratoga, still think winds will be a concern there though



Q: Will the flooded areas from Irene get flooded again from this storm?

A: While flooding is possible the amount of rain we could get from this storm won't even be close to what Irene dumped on us.



Q: how much rain will we get out of this storm I live in Halfmoon, NY and is it going to be a rain and wind event for my area

A:  It's too early to say how much. What we can say with confidence is that the HEAVIEST rain will fall SOUTH of the lows track in this case across NJ and PA



Q: What does a State of Emergency mean?

A: A state of emergency mobilizes resources to local governments that otherwise are restricted to state use only and suspends regulations that would impede rapid response.



Q: When will you have an exact location on were sandy hits landfall?

A: Probably not until late Saturday or Sunday morning



Q: My concern is the winds in the Albany area & north; we've been hearing about the different scenarios concerning the rainfall amounts depending on where landfall is, but I'm wondering about the different scenarios concerning the winds. How bad do you think they will be?

A: As soon as we know where landfall will be we will better be able to forecast the winds……conservatively, we all could have winds gusting 40-50mph……closer track..could be much higher,esp in the higher elevations.



Q: Will you stay on the air as needed as you did for Irene? You were the only local channel providing much needed and appreciated live coverage for more than 12 hours. Your viewers never left you.

A: Yes..we already have a plan of attack in place for Mon/Tue if the worst scenario comes true. We will be there for you for the duration of the storm.




Q: Worst case, how strong will the wind be in Upstate NY?

A: Worst case locally…50-60mph…high spots gusting to 70mph



Q: With models trending more north over the past 24hrs and tonight's tracks trending more north. What are we looking at for the Albany area if the storm comes a shore around month of the Hudson river?

A: A low track like that will put us on the winder side of the storm so I would think quite strong winds



Q: You said that you feel winds will be a concern. Straight-line wind? Tornadoes?

A: Good question. NO tornadoes or straightline winds. We will be looking at a widespread strong wind patter associated with the storm.



Q: What track would the storm have to take to have the least effect on the Upstate (Saratoga) area? And, the worst case?

A: Best track for us would be from Delaware Southward……



Q: do you think power outages are highy possible for the Schenectady area ?

A:  At this time, we are leaning towards at least scattered power outages for much of the region Monday night into Tuesday.



Q: what is your opinion on which model to follow EUR. or USA for storm track?

A: The Euro has been the most consistent since this past weekend…hard to go against it when all the other models have been playing catch-up



Q: is ice maybe going to be a factor with this storm in saratoga county

A: No ice and snow for us during the main event



Q: the perfect storm was around this same time in 1991, is this weather ” normal ” around this time of year throughout history ?

A: Big storms can happen in late October/November and December..the transition period between fall and winter……Big temp swings..mean big storm potential



Q: When should you know more about numbers for certain? Sunday maybe?

A:  For rain fall amounts Saturday night definitely Sunday.



Q: Tonight when it was said that this storm is nothing like Irene, what did you mean by that?

A: For starters Irene was a tropical system in August and it moved from south to north. The center passed east of the Hudson Valley. This placed the area to the left or west of Irene's track thus we got the heaviest rain. Sandy will be tracking from EAST TO WEST so the heaviest rains will fall to the south of the low track across NJ and PA



Q: do you think we have crazy power outages like for day/ days??

A: Chance that could happen if the storm tracks closer to us winds will be stronger.



Q: Should communities along the Mohawk River prepare to be hit as hard as they were by Irene in terms of rainfall and flooding?

A:  I think they will be fine..right now we think potential for light to perhaps some moderate localized flooding



Q: what significance does the arctic cold air mass play in the development of this storm once it makes landfall

A: The colder air…would not say arctic…becoming part of the circulation enhances the development…in this case, explosive development…esp since it has it's tropical origins.



Q: is berkshire county looking at more of a wind event then a heavy rain event?

A: Joe…..yes…wind will be a big issue…esp the higher up you live. As for rain, periods of rain likely from this storm, but we may luck out with the intense rains staying south of Berkshire County.



Q: Would you have any idea what time Monday nigh it may begin? For example before or after midnight. I work until 11:00 p.m.

A: Monday Mid day the winds start to pick up…..showers/rain mid to late afternoon. The main event for us Monday night into Tuesday….Tuesday AM, could actually have the most intense winds from the ESE….some funneling in N-S facing valleys would be a concern



Q: Why is this being labeled a super storm if it does not have the characteristics of past tropical storms/hurricane that we have experienced in the past?

A: A lot of this is Media Hype….it is going to be massive, the media likes to attach names…Andy and I do not !



Q: What can we expect in the Fonda, Fort Hunter & Amsterdam area, more rain or less rain than we got from Irene?

A: Right now the northern fringe of some pockets of heavier rain…though the southern Catskills run the highest risk of heavy rain.



Q: If the rain is not going to as significant as Irene do you believe the wind could be worse than Irene or is this not going to be as serious as a storm?

A: Yes the wind could be as bad as Irene's winds perhaps even a bit worse.



Q: whats the chances in clifton park for extreme weather from sandy

A: For now strong winds some periods of heavy rains especially late Monday into Tuesday..



Q: Should people in mobile homes be concerned?

A:  Know what your rating is for the wind. They should be strapped to the ground too.



Q: Do you think we will get snow with this storm in western mass? If yes how much?
A: Not a snow event……but….as the air cools behind the system later WED….slight chance of wet snow in the high spots…but showery in nature.



Q: Will the kids be able to trick or trick on Wed. evening?

A: Yes…though it looks a bit chilly, M.cloudy, few scattered showers…temps near 50



Q: what direction can we expect winds to be coming from during this storm? They usually blow across the fields from the west and this makes a difference as far as where to move the livestock to keep them safe from the possibility of falling trees, Can you advise?

A: We expect the winds initially to blow from the ENE on Monday and then gradually turn more ESE towards daybreak on Tuesday..



Q: My cousin lives in Old Saybrook Conn. how bad will it be there ?

A: CT coast will be rocked by this storm….major tidal action/waves..erosion…and a good bet winds could gust to near Hurricane force.



Q: Should people be concerned with driving home from work in these conditions on Monday pm and commuting to work on Tuesday?

A: Could be slow going and some ponding on the roadways….obviously with winds, you have to watch for debris inn the roads.




Q: if it were cold enough for snow how much do you think we would get if this was a winter stom just wondering?

A: 6-24 lower number Valleys high # mtns




Q: When you forecast thunderstorms with wind gusts, you say to move away from windows and go to lowest point in the home. Does the same apply to the winds from Sandy? Should we be thinking about covering larger windows with plywood this far inland?

A: I don't think based on the data the winds will be strong enough to blow in windows…more likely, you would have to worry about debris blowing into it from the outside…..When winds get 60+ mph….we get concerned for that…..

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