Washington Armory issues changes as a result of violence after “Foam Party”

ALBANY, N.Y. – The Washington Armory has issued a response to the clash between partygoers and police that occurred at the “Foam Party” held on Thursday.

“The Washington Avenue Armory deeply regrets the incidents that occurred outside the building on October 18th and are taking serious, immediate action regarding the entry procedure processes as well as other measures that continue keep our patrons, public safety officials and the neighborhood safe during The Armory's events.

New policies are being developed that encompass improved systems to ensure this does not happen again.

They include:

  • Requiring dance party style events have a doors open policy at no later than 7pm
  • Requiring dance party style events will end no later than 12am on weekdays, and 1am on weekend and holiday nights
  • Initiating a new will call window made available the entire event day
  • A major takeaway is the amount of time it takes for staff to check a patron in is significant, and the process only lengthens when hundreds of eager concert goers are waiting.
  • Adding this new will call window will result in masses now able to redeem their online ticket purchase at anytime, rather than waiting until doors open.
  • Ticket purchasers will now be able to check in with their online purchase proof and receive their hard copy ticket at anytime during the day, which will lighten the will call line in the evening
  • No longer hold a line of people outside the building, rather begin the check in process and allow entry
  • In the anticipated event of a major walk-up, doors will open early to clear the front of the building

New signage is being created to help clearly communicate where patrons should go for entrance based on their ticket situation

This will also assist the final portion of entry where our diligent security staff is responsible for a thorough screening process


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