Natural factors blamed for rock slide on Fort Ann road

FORT ANN, N.Y. – State officials say a rock slide that closed a section of Route 4 in Fort Ann for two days was most likely caused by water that accumulated under the hill.
State Department of Transportation officials say that sediment had filled in cracks on a cliff along a stretch of Route 4, causing the rock slide consisting of at least 1,000 cubic yards of mass.

Geologists say the soil in-filling allowed plants to begin to grow and water gradually built up between the cracks, causing some 2,000 tons of rocks to slide onto a 200-yard stretch of the road on Monday morning.

No one was injured, but some of the huge rocks narrowly missed several vehicles.
The road way reopened Wednesday afternoon.

The DOT tells NEWS10 there have been two other minor rock slides in the same location; one is 1992 and one in 2010.

The DOT will now examine other rock formations along this stretch of Route 4 to make sure they do not come apart.

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