NHL Lockout Could Mean More Fans for Albany Devils

Albany, N.Y. – The NHL lockout has angered many fans, but it might just be a blessing for the Albany Devils. It could mean more fans and more money for the team.

” Now we have to figure out what else to do, so we take a ride, we go to Albany,” said Chris Bytz of New Jersey.

Heading to Albany is just what fans did Saturday night.

“Well we wanted to come here to see the opening day since we don't have one in New Jersey. We have to come see the Albany Devils. The lockout is really bad now so we're having withdrawal symptoms,” said Bytz.

On Thursday the National Hockey League canceled 82 games from October 11th to the 24th. The Albany Devils have gained a number of NHL players since the lockout. Adam Henrique is one of them.

“The lockout is in the back of our minds obviously and everybody is getting the updates. We're just getting the same as everybody else. Right now we're just focusing on starting the season here and getting ready for tonight,” said Henrique.

Although it's a tough waiting game for Henrique , Albany Devils fans are excited to see the NHL talent hit the ice.

“That's the only positive of this lockout. We get to see a lot more talent in the AHL level,” said Sean Childs of Johnstown.

“It'll bring more people in, bring more sports people looking to see the big names. At least I am anyhow,” said Randy Simms of Summit.

This is the second time in seven years NHL games have been canceled due to a lockout.

Until it's resolved, fans say they'll enjoy more hockey in Albany.

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