Steven McComsey turns down plea deal, fate in jury’s hands

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FORT EDWARD -The fate of Steven McComsey, the 34-year-old charged with manslaughter in the deaths of six people, will now be decided by a jury.

Prosecutors say McComsey loosened a valve releasing propane gas from a spare tank behind a Salem home, causing it to explode. According to authorities, McComsey and those he lived with planned to move out.

The Washington County District Attorney's Office had offered him a plea deal, in which he would have pled guilty to reckless endangerment and served up to three years in state prison. In return the 2nd- Degree manslaughter charges would have been dismissed.

But Mccomsey turned that deal down, and family members of those killed spoke out afterwards saying they're relieved.

It was back in July of last 2011 that a propane explosion completely destroyed the home at 4383 Route 29 in Salem.

 Six people, including three teenagers and a two-month-old baby were killed, while McComsey and four others were injured.

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