Wind gusts damper Adirondack Balloon Festival

QUEENSBURY, N.Y.—It's a 40 year tradition that fills the sky with brilliant colors and draws people from all over the northeast.

But the Adirondack Balloon Festival had a bit of a setback Friday, as the flights of 80 balloons were canceled.

The 80 balloons scheduled for flight Friday didn't get too high, normally the festival fills the sky with all sorts of colors and shapes.

Danielle Francoeur, a pilot from Montreal, has been coming to the Adirondack Festival for 25 years to fly her balloon.  Francoeur says it comes down to safety and she won't fly her in balloon in high wind gusts.

Ideally, pilots prefer three to five mile per hour winds, at most seven to nine. But Friday afternoon's 15 mile per hour wind gusts put a damper on the show, canceling the flights for the day.

Some balloon owners still gave spectators something to look at by inflating them slightly, but some people who traveled for hours to see the show were disappointed.

Assistant Balloon Master Bob Dicks says the balloons are a big boost for the Warren County economy and hopes Saturday and Sunday's weather cooperates, specifically the wind.

The festival gets underway again Saturday morning at 6:30.

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