Changes in store for this year’s LARKfest

ALBANY – The City is gearing up for Lark Street's biggest party Saturday, LARKfest. Tens of thousands of people are expected to attend, which is why bars and restaurants have been prepping all week.

“It's the best day of my year,” Collin Rost, the owner of Cafe Hollywood said.

Police said an officer will be stationed on every corner, not just to ensure that people don't bring in their own alcohol or coolers but to ensure that there are no problems, calling it a quality of life issue.

Rost is not only a business owner but also a member of the Lark Street BID. Rost told News10 he understands the concerns residents have regarding the crowds and drinking, which is why he supports the city's new policies this year; including having more officers out patroling.

“You see lots of changes over the years and I feel that this event has certainly gotten to the point where you really need to putting a little more rules in place and make it safer for the families that like to come and participate,” Rost said.

Serving up some drinks tonight, Elda Abate, the owner of Elda's agreed. 

“Its city street, so I don't think they should be allowed to bring their own booze because we are here year round, paying all the taxes, supporting the city so they give us a little help,” Abate said.

Now bar and restaurant owners I spoke with say they don't have the cups just yet, they are going to come in the morning.

As for Larkfest, it begins at 10am and runs through 5:30pm.

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