Incumbent DA David Soares secures win in Albany County

ALBANY, N.Y. – The primary election race for Albany County District Attorney was secured by Incumbent DA David Soares Thursday night.

Soares closed on 59% of the vote, with 14,498 total votes, and his opponent local attorney Lee Kindlon ended up with 41% of the vote, with 10,132 total votes. This will be Soares's third term as Albany County District Attorney.

Kindlon was coming into the race as a newcomer to politics, but his father a local well known defense attorney helped with name recognition. Kindlon raised more money than Soares in the campaign.

The race turned heated when earlier this week, Kindlon made it public that Soares had apparently defaulted on student loans.

Soares says he is proud of the work he has done going into this election and explains what his focus will be for his third term: “I don't know that we will be doing anything differently,” he says. “Because what we have been doing has worked. If you look at all the metrics, what we measure our achievements by, there are things that are working. It is not just about having the highest conviction rates for violent felons, it is also about trying to win the peace and investing resources into communities that are hardest hit.”

There is no Republican challenger against Soares, so Thursday night's win has secured him the position.

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