Storm follows though Capital Region

ALBANY – Thick, black storm clouds rolled in over UAlbany, the wind picking up with it. Within a matter of minutes they produced an intense rain that sent many students running for cover. But Albany caught a break this time around. Mother nature though not as kind to areas south and north. In Ravena, the wind gusts were stronger, bringing a tree down onto Annette Tousto's home.

“Everything in the room went all over the place. The head of the bed went all the way to the ground. That whole part of my house was just down,” Tousto said. 

Annette Plows lives just next door and tells News 10 she was terrified.

“All my kids and I dunked our heads for cover when the tree hit and all the power went sparking out and then we booked it across the street,” Plows said.

Further north in Warrensburg, Main Street took a hit. The owner of a Honda Civic won't be able to drive it for a while. Then just down the road, a light poll was knocked to the ground. The damage led officials to close that section of Main Street. But other areas didn't need that yellow tape. A tree on 9L made it clear no driver was getting through. First responders tried to keep up with it too. In Pilot Nob, firefighters brought out cones knowing it would take a while to get this tree off power lines. In the end though, some of us did get to see some beauty like the rainbow that can follow rain storms.

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