Alleged Mayfield hoarder’s dogs in limbo

local woman who is fostering 12 dogs saved from an alleged hoarder's
home is lashing out at the legal system Thursday.

Michelle Crowley, of Colonie, says the judge in the case is dragging her
feet, making it impossible for Crowley to place the dogs in
permanent homes.

The case began on June 19th when 34 dogs were
first removed from Tirzah Henry's Mayfield home in Fulton County, where
police say they discovered a handful of dead and half eaten dogs on the

surviving dogs had to be removed twice though, when police discovered that Henry
had placed the dogs at a friend's home, and that friend had previously been
arrested for animal abuse.

Crowley, the dog's foster mom, originally took in two pregnant dogs, a Pekinese and toy
poodle. Now two months later, she is now
taking care of all the puppies, as well as three dogs she already

Crowley, who is a local police officer,
says she has dealt
with hoarding cases in the past. She says she does not remember it
ever taking months to resolve a case like this.

However, Brad
Shear of the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society, does not
agree, telling NEWS10, it's not the judge's fault, but rather the defendant Tirzah
Henry's fault.

With the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society caring for 24 of Henry's other dogs, Shear says he has a vested interest in
this case. He claims
Henry has been tying up the court dockets with appeals and rescheduled hearings
in an effort to keep the dogs.

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