Hunter Pence Bobble Head Night Tonight In Philly

Former Tri-City Valleycat Hunter Pence will have his time in Philadelphia memorialized in bobblehead form Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park.  Despite trading the two time all star to the San Francisco Giants at the July 31st trading deadline the team is going ahead with plans to distribute the Pence bobblehead with his blessing.  Pence signed off on the idea and wrote a thank you note to the fans which is stuffed inside each box. 

The Hunter Pence bobblehead day was planned and  bobbleheads  manufactured before the start of the season so the team is sticking with the promotion rather than waste them.

Pence was traded to the Phillies at the trading deadline in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite.  He was traded to the Giants because the Phillies fell out of contention and looked to cut payroll.

Pence's note reads: “Thanks, Phillies fans for the great memories, I'm glad my Bobble Figurine will still be given out even though I'm no longer in Philadelphia.  I hope it will serve as a lasting reminder of my time there.  It was a year of my career that I will never forget.”

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