Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: August 17

1. You may now chug with the bride: Toasting the bride and groom with Champagne is a tradition. But recently,
couples hip to craft beers are shaking up the
wedding reception scene by insisting on serving the brews they love on
their big day.


2. 50 Shades of Grey marketing goes mainstream: Forget the rope and sex toys, now you can also have black stilettos and high, Anastasia Steele-worthy boots, a classic music album, undies and jammies and robes, t-shirts and knit tops and hoodies…


3. What do egg yolks and smoking have in common? They are apparently equally as bad for your arteries. Whether boiled, scrambled or sunny-side up, cholesterol-rich egg yolks
can stiffen your arteries almost as much as smoking, a new study


4. An Oreo that looks like Elvis: Every so often there is a story of about a piece of toast or a waffle
that looks like Jesus, but have you heard the one about the Oreo that
looked like Elvis?


5. Register to vote online: New York is joining 13 states that allow voters to register online in an effort to improve voter turnout and save money.




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