Enhanced security protocols for horses in Saratoga’s Travers Stakes

York State Racing and Wagering Board says there will be enhanced
security protocols for horses at this year's Travers Stakes at
Saratoga Race Course.

Enhanced security protocols for the $1 million stakes races on August 25th require horses
participating in the race must be on the grounds August 22nd; horses will be
have out-of-competition blood testing taken August 22nd; horses will stay
in their trainers' current barns/stalls, which will be monitored at all times by
additional security personnel; and a full daily veterinarian's record of all medications and treatments given to
horses from noon August 22nd until the race is run will be provided to the Racing
and Wagering Board.

Travers Stakes is the highest profile race of the world-class Saratoga meet and
will be conducted with integrity and high standards for equine safety,” Racing
and Wagering Board Chairman John D. Sabini said.

The Racing and Wagering Board says they will post these records on its website each day.

The New
York Racing Association, Inc. (NYRA) will cover costs associated with these
protocols, with the exception of out-of-competition testing.

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