Neighbors of TCI plant talk about explosions

GHENT, N.Y. – Residents living around the TCI plant in Columbia County are still in disbelief regarding the explosions that took place over their homes Wednesday night.

 “All of a sudden the sky just lit up,” said Dimitri Bassakalis.

“We saw the explosion happen and saw the black smoke and thought this wasn't good,” said Patty Bowes.

Bowes and Bassakalis live on opposite sides of the TCI plant, they wasted no time evacuating.

“We were in such a hurry, it was the middle of the night, we weren't thinking clearly,” said Bowes.

Bassakalis was worried his whole house would be gone. Fortunately it was unharmed, but he was worried about the rest of his property. According to him there was oil on his car, in his pool and across his lawn.

“Wow, I didn't realize that stuff was so oily in the pool, yea I'll have to call the insurance company, for sure,” said Bassakalis.

As for Bowes, she was unable to protect the chickens, that means no eggs for breakfast this week.

“Well I'm going to throw their eggs out for a week because you don't know, I don't know if them eating some of the grass you know there was no way to contain them, said Bowes.

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