Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: July 20

1. Those who drive fast
die young.
A study says that drivers with mayor violations on their records
were most likely to have died. Major violations include alcohol or substance
related infractions, excessive speeding, and reckless or negligent driving.


2. Kids' sexual behavior
influenced by movies
. A study analyzed the sexual content of top-grossing
movies along with kids who saw the movies and examined their sexual behaviors.


3. FDA bans chemical
from baby bottles, sippy cups
. The plastics chemical BPA is banned for use
in baby bottles and sippy cups because it might disrupt hormones and trigger
unhealthy changes in children and adults.


4. Smart dog gets
6-figure book deal.
The owner of a very smart dog has a book deal well into
six figures with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


5. No Internet for one year. A technology journalist is taking
on a challenge of not using the Internet for one year.





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