Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: July 13

1. Yahoo hacked: thousands of passwords leaked online. Email addresses and passwords of 453,000 Yahoo members were posted online by a hacking group.


2. Chimp dies after Vegas escape. According to authorities, two chimpanzees escaped a Las Vegas background and rampaged through a neighborhood before police killed one and tranquilized the other.


3. Yoga teacher fired after glaring at student on cellphone. A yoga instructor was teaching a class when one student started texting. The instructor gave the student a disapproving look, leading to her termination.


4. Alcohol may improve women's bone health. A small study suggests that drinking one or two alcoholic drinks several times a week may improve older women's bone health and reduce their risk for osteoporosis.


5. Smokers who quit gain 8 to 11 pounds in first month. On average most smokers who quit gain weight within three months of kicking the habit, according to new research.





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