Reaction to U.S. Olympic team having uniforms made in China

Some people were quite surprised to hear the U.S. Olympic Team's uniforms are being made in China, but at least one local business owner expected it.

“Everything is made overseas because it can be done less expensively,” said Rusty Gallagher, owner of Albany Clothing and Promotions Company.
The company designs custom made uniforms and clothes for schools and organizations across the country. He said customers walk into the store wanting it “Made in America,” but usually end up ordering from somewhere else, often China.
“They are going to gravitate to the overseas items because of the price point,” said Gallagher. “USA businesses might account for 10 percent of our total business, that might be a little bit high, it might be seven or eight.”
Gallagher said a t-shirt made in the U.S. compared to China could be a difference of two or three dollars, and it's all because of one main reason: “Labor,” said Gallagher. “Labor is cheaper.”
Gallagher said he understands a few bucks difference per shirt or jersey adds up when you are clothing an entire high school team, let alone the Olympic Team.
“Uniforms being made overseas, the first time I was probably appalled, but now I'm conditioned to it, do I like it, no not at all, do I hope it changes, absolutely,” said Gallagher.
The store owner says thankfully there are still some people out there who will only buy American.

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