2 brothers arrested for DWI in same car, 2 hours apart

ALBANY, NY – Two brothers were arrested and ticketed for driving drunk in Albany, their arrests spanned only two hours apart and while in the same vehicle.

Police say 32-year-old Joseph Carbonara was arrested first for driving drunk during a disturbance in front of the Lark Tavern in Albany. Joseph's BAC level was .11 percent. His brother Michael was in the passenger seat.

Joseph was ticketed and released, and that is when police say the brothers went to go and get the car that was towed.

The brothers then returned to the Lark Tavern. The Albany Public Safety Spokesperson Officer Steve Smith says they continued to cause trouble, and Joseph was hit in the head with a glass bottle.

Michael then drove the car to the Albany Police South Station with Joseph in the passenger seat to report the assault. Officer Smith says Michael parked the car in a parking lot where only police cars are allowed to park.

Officers found Michael to be intoxicated as well. He refused a DWI test, but was still arrested and ticketed.

Police say this is not an issue with Lark Tavern and that they rarely get disturbance calls in that area.

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