Dogs seized for second time in Mayfield

MAYFIELD, N.Y. – The Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society seized 33 dogs from a farm in Mayfield on Thursday, where the dogs had been staying since being removed from another Mayfield home the week before.

“Really crowded cages leads to unsanitary conditions and there were dogs that needed to see the vet plain and simple,” said Tina Murray of the Humane Society, describing the scene at the home of Sue Kelly.
The dogs were given to Kelly by their originally owner Tirzah Henry, after she was evicted from her Mayfield home last week. She was later arrested on animal abuse charges.
“She would not surrender them, and she was allowed to take them because she owned them,” said Jane Potts, Mayfield Dog Control Officer. According to Potts, Kelly is known for taking in animals. Last July she was arrested on neglect charges after authorities removed about 300 animals from the home.
“It's a freak show, and it's sad for the animals that have died or put in harms way because of her actions,” said Peter Desjardins, who has lived across the street from Kelly since 1989.
“Last 10 to 12 years she started acquiring more and more animals,” said Desjardins. “We can never have a conversation at night without closing our windows and doors, or during the day barking is non stop. She has a hoarder mentality and it's a sickness.”
News10 attempted to speak with Kelly but she declined.
As for Desjardins, he can only wonder when the next raid will take place.
“I've been to the town to try to enact some laws, there are no laws in the town of Mayfield for this,” said Desjardins.

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