Statements from NY lawmakers on upholding the Affordable Care Act

Governor Andrew Cuomo: “Thanks to the leadership of President Obama and his administration,
particularly Secretary Sebelius, the Affordable Care Act will provide access to
health care to millions of Americans nationwide and more than one million New
Yorkers, and I am pleased the Supreme Court upheld this law. We will continue to
move forward with implementing the health exchange that will lower coverage
costs for New
York's businesses and help ensure that uninsured New
Yorkers have access to health care. We look forward to continuing to work
together with the Obama administration to ensure accessible, quality care for
all New Yorkers.”

Representative Chris Gibson: “When I ran for Congress in 2010,
I heard time and time again from my constituents across New York that we need
health care reform, but that the President's health care bill was not the
answer. In addition to multiple tax increases, failing to address rising costs,
harming small businesses, and significantly increasing government involvement in
health care, this bill stepped on our freedoms. Although the Supreme Court
upheld the law by determining that the mandate equates to a tax on every
American, it does not change what has become an indisputable reality in the last
two years – the ACA is not the solution. We need to enact health care reform
that lowers costs and increases access to quality care while protecting our

“I respect that the Supreme Court
has spoken, and the solution now must be legislative. We should begin
substantive, bipartisan discussion on commonsense reforms – a number of which I
have cosponsored or voted on already. I'm confident our replacement solutions
can include insurance reform for wider access to options and choices, including
coverage until 26 and beyond, medical liability reform, coverage for preexisting
conditions and an assurance that coverage can't be dropped when you get sick.”

Congressman Paul Tonko: “Today's decision
ensures children under the age of 26 can stay on their parents plan, people with
pre-existing conditions are no longer denied coverage and seniors won't have to
dig so far into their pockets to pay for prescription drugs. It is proof
positive that the Constitutional merits of the Affordable Care Act are ironclad.
While today's ruling certainly is significant, I look forward to continued
implementation of the law. We must move beyond the heated political rhetoric and
gamesmanship of declaring winners and losers. The real winners today are the
American people who achieve a level of certainty with the decision. We must now
return, with a laser-sharp bipartisan focus, to creating jobs and growing the

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: “Today's ruling by the United States Supreme Court on the
constitutionality of the landmark Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a significant
victory for all Americans, including more than two million uninsured New Yorkers
who will benefit from this historic law.

York has long been a leader in healthcare
reform, including taking the lead to implement this law. Because of the ACA,
160,000 young adults in New
York have gained insurance through their parents' plans,
more than 3,400 New Yorkers with pre-existing conditions are now covered through
the New York Bridge Plan, and more than a quarter million seniors received a
prescription drug rebate.

The message sent today is loud and clear — the
individual mandate is constitutional and no one should have to live without
affordable and quality health insurance. I hope that with this ruling,
Republicans will finally stop playing politics with our health and well-being
and work with Democrats to erase the healthcare disparity we are faced with,
particularly for our working families, seniors and


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