Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, shelter differ on animals’ conditions

MAYFIELD, N.Y. — The Fulton County Sheriff's Office and Mohawk Hudson Humane Society have differing accounts over an inspection at a Mayfield farm Wednesday.

The Sheriff's Office reported they and members of the animal shelter went to check on the conditions of animals at Kelly's Haven for Animals on Wednesday afternoon. The farm houses dogs from a widely-reported Fulton County animal cruelty case.

The Sheriff's Office says veterinarians examined the animals at the farm and found them to be in acceptable condition, therefore ruled the animals would remain in the care of Kelly's Haven for Animals, but the farm would be subject to continued monitoring by authorities.

Brad Shear, the Executive Director of Mohawk Hudson, says this is not exactly the case.

In a phone call to NEWS10, Shear said a veterinarian and cruelty investigator from the shelter accompanied members of the Sheriff's Office to inspect the property. Shear said the shelter representatives found 57 dogs at Kelly's Haven for Animals, including 34 from the case involving Tirzah Henry, of Mayfield.

According to Shear, their investigator and veterinarian found the conditions of the 34 dogs from Henry to not be acceptable; information that differs from the Sheriff's Office press release.

Shear said the remaining 23 dogs on the property were found to be in a satisfactory condition.

The Sheriff's Office confirmed in a press release that some of the animals had previously belonged to Henry, but did not specify numbers or if all the animals were dogs.

Shear said his representatives have recommended to the Sheriff's Office that the 34 dogs be seized. He is unsure if any seizure of the dogs will occur.

NEWS10 reached out to Fulton County Sheriff Thomas Lorey about Shear's account. We left a message and are currently awaiting a call back.

Last week, authorities assisting in evicting Tirzah Henry from her Mayfield home said they found at least four dead animals and 34 surviving dogs inside.

Henry was arrested a couple of days after the eviction when she returned to the scene and caused an apparent disturbance, according to officials with the Sheriff's Office. She was charged with one count of Disorderly Conduct, a violation, one count of Overdriving, Torturing and Injuring Animals / Failure to Provide Proper Sustenance, a misdemeanor and one count of unlawful Disposal of Dead Animals, a misdemeanor.

The Mayfield Dog Warden told NEWS10 after the eviction that the dogs were left in Henry's care and that she had found replacement homes for the animals.

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